We are proud of our customer-first attitude! It is what makes us different – providing custom care from the start for both our customers and their freight solution. We can only do this because we have great people. Our “Meet the Team Member” blogs allow for our customers to get to know the names of those who help W.I.S. Logistics fulfill our amazing service promise.

For our third installation in this series, we sat down with our Logistics Specialist, Joe Gacek.

How long have you worked at W.I.S. Logistics? Tell us about your current role here.

I have been working at W.I.S. Logistics for a little over two years now. My current role is serving as a Logistics Specialist. In this position, I work primarily with truckload shipments and/or partials, but I’m also slowly, but surely learning the LTL side of things.

Tell us about a recent accomplishment or experience that made you feel you were
meant for this kind of work.

Recently I helped one of our customer’s move from one off-site warehouse to another. I helped lay out a plan on where we’d be storing our customer’s freight, creating ease of access to get shipments sent to their main site if they needed it, and created a plan for delivery to the new warehouse when it was ready. Having my first big project go smoothly gave me pride in my work knowing our customers can count on us to come through when they need help.

What’s the most interesting project or idea you are working on right now?

We are switching our TMS to a new program, so I’ve been putting together PowerPoints to help the office have a smooth transition over to the new software. Building guides and showing people things they didn’t know the software can do is fun for me and can help my teammates and our customers in the long run.

Why do you like working at W.I.S. Logistics?

The people—hands down, it is my coworkers. Since day one, I’ve always felt like part of the family. I can reach out to anyone in the office and get an answer almost immediately. My supervisor always trusts and pushes me, making me want to thrive and to help my coworkers like they have helped me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am currently enrolled in college working towards my bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. That takes up a lot of my free time! Other than that, I enjoy tinkering with my computer that I built and taking trips with my family.

Do you have any secret talents?

When loading up a car for a long trip, you can count on me to pack the luggage in the most effective and sturdy way so that nothing shifts during travel. Tetris taught me a valuable lesson. Same can be said for work—when I get a huge list of skid sizes, I’m excited to figure out the best combination to take up the least amount of trailer space to help save the customer’s money.