4PL: Enterprise Logistics Solutions

Complex becomes simple, and concern turns to confidence.

How does one deal with the unknowns when running a business?

Managing a company involves taking chances at times. One area of business in which risk is often identified is staffing and personnel: did you hire the right person, and will that investment deliver? This concern is especially prevalent during instances of economic uncertainty or labor shortages.

As a 4PL, W.I.S. Logistics can help you fill specific logistics positions. Our services quickly adapt to your ever-changing needs and remove the gamble of hiring someone in-house.

Note: this service is only available to businesses in the greater Milwaukee area.

Advantages of 4PL

  • Seasoned logistics specialists for a fraction of the cost
  • Employee benefits held with W.I.S. Logistics
  • No downtime
  • Expertise on logistics matters
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Supply Chain Management

A 4PL: Enterprise Logistics Solution relies on a combination of all of our services to create a comprehensive supply chain management approach for your company. Our team helps you gain a competitive advantage. We manage your logistics from beginning to end and mitigate issues.

Realize Time & Cost Efficiencies

You will find a 4PL solution pays off with systems that run more smoothly, closely managed inbound and outbound costs, and data readily available to departments when they need it. We also handle time-consuming and complicated claims so you can focus on business.

Experience Concierge-Level Care

Through onsite training and support, plus strict attention to your needs, we seamlessly implement your enterprise solution. We work with your customer service and freight coordinators to make shipping assignments flow more easily and work for better efficiencies.

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Reporting & Data Management

Allow Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to supplement your T.M.S. for better analytics. Getting your shipments from point A to point B is the first goal. But because we take your shipping seriously, we also want to provide you with transparent data from which you can learn—thereby creating tighter supply chains and increased R.O.I.

Dedicated Tracking

Experience a new level of management as our team tracks your shipment from point of origin to destination. We stay a step ahead so you aren’t left scrambling for solutions. Our tracking allows you to focus on customers.

Case Study

As roofing supply business grows so does its supply chain needs.






4PL: Enterprise Logistic Solutions


“They have recovered many more thousands of dollars, due to their knowledge of how the claims process works, that would have otherwise not been paid by the carrier. In our particular situation, the amount of money recovered by W.I.S. Logistics far exceeds what my costs would be to hire another person to perform these tasks.”


Metal-Era is a trusted go-to expert in the commercial roofing industry. The largest and most accomplished edge metal systems manufacturer in North America, Metal-Era boasts the broadest portfolio of tested roofing and building envelope solutions on the market.

Shipping became more complicated and burdensome. They struggled to keep up with the rigors of tracking freight, notifying customers when the freight was delayed, and claims when they occurred.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fourth-party logistics provider (4PL) is a company that manages and coordinates all aspects of a supply chain on behalf of its clients. Unlike a traditional 3PL, which provides specific logistics services, a 4PL takes a more strategic, holistic approach to supply chain management.

The range of services offered by 4PLs typically includes: supply chain design and optimization, vendor management, transportation management, warehousing and distribution management, and logistics technology solutions.

4PLS can help businesses optimize their supply chains by analyzing supply chain data, identifying areas for improvement, implementing best practices, and leveraging technology solutions to improve efficiency and visibility.

Realized improvements may include supply chain visibility, reduced costs, increased efficiency, improved customer service, and access to specialized expertise and resources.

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