LTL Freight

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Finding the Best Logistics Approach

Our LTL (less than truckload freight) team never tires of doing a good job for our customers. We begin by listening and really seeking to understand your shipping needs. We can then determine the best logistics approach for you and find great carriers who are available and ready for the job. Our team’s decades of experience make the process run smoothly.

We provide daily tracking, reporting, and legal shipping documents for your customers. And if necessary, we assist with claims, advocating for you. When you work with W.I.S. Logistics, you will experience easy communications and excellent supply chain management.

Extensive Network & Tracking

LTL carriers have an extensive network that covers various regions and routes, allowing businesses to reach destinations even if there is not enough volume to fill an entire truck. When shipping LTL, carriers provide tracking capabilities so businesses can monitor the progress of their shipments—thus creating visibility for effective supply chain management.

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There are times when your shipment just can’t wait for standard delivery timeframes. We have the resources and expertise to expedite your cargo in the most economical way possible. We will hire a highly-qualified carrier to perform time- and/or date-specific deliveries.

Exhibit/Tradeshow Freight

Exhibit freight is different, and we’ve designed a special service for it. Your most delicate displays and fixtures will be handled with white glove treatment.

Leave it to us to create all your documentation, including bills of lading and labels to and from the show.

Shipments arrive on time and in pristine condition. We handle the details so you can concentrate on selling.

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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is handled by both our LTL and Truckload divisions. With either team, you will benefit from our customized logistics, data transparency, and skillful handling of your reverse logistics needs.

We create streamlined approaches to complicated logistic processes. Learn more about our approach to Reverse Logistics.

Case Study

A global noise control and air filtration solutions company seeks a customer-service oriented logistics partner.


Dürr Universal




LTL Freight
Truckload Freight

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“Personal service was the big thing. W.I.S. Logistics is so easy to get in contact with and always offers a solution to whatever the problem is.”


Dürr Universal is a global organization that provides noise control and air filtration solutions for industrial processing. Serving a wide array of industries – power generation, oil and gas, rail transportation and backup power – Dürr engineers high quality solutions and pairs them with excellent customer service.

Promising to provide high quality, complete air management solutions to their customers, Dürr needed a way to safely transport their equipment. They wanted to have confidence in their logistics partner, knowing that products were being delivered in a timely fashion and in good condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truckload is a larger shipment that typically occupies more than half and up to the full capacity of the trailer. LTL and Partials focus on the smaller shipments. We have specialists who determine which option is best for you based on the parameters of your load. This way,  you’re paying only for the space you need.

It’s true! Businesses are bombarded daily with brochures and sales calls from 3PLs.

Here’s the difference: we are a family-owned 3PL that treats your freight like our own. From the time we get the request until delivery, we are manually tracking the shipment daily. We have years of experience negotiating with hundreds of different products.

We negotiate rates specifically with your product and parameters in mind, getting you the best pricing in the industry.

Our people have a passion for freight and will go above and beyond to make your life easier.

While we do a lot of things well, the niche that our customers appreciate the most is the handling of their inbound freight.

We excel at both types of inbound freight: raw materials and returns.

With raw materials, we work closely with your vendors to get the right product to your door in the right timeframe.

With returns, we work closely with your customers to provide a hassle-free return.

In both circumstances, we provide visibility and analytics to help you with inventory control.

Generally, limited liability is based on class. The carriers limit their liability when freight they handle is damaged or lost.

For example, if a product is ‘class 50,’ certain carriers will limit their liability to $1/lb. So, if you have a 200 pound item, you are covered for $200.

Common carriers haul a variety of different products on their trucks. They need a way to charge for the space utilized on the truck.

Carriers can’t charge based on weight alone because, for example, packing foam takes up a lot of space but weighs very little, whereas bolts are compact but very heavy.

The carriers created a class system that helps them price all the products they ship. Class is based on four characteristics, stow-ability, liability, handling, and density. Thus, based on these four criteria, everything is given a class, and the carriers base liability and price on that class.

Be as accurate as possible when giving weight and dimensions of your freight.

If your freight gets re-weighed by the carrier and is found to be inaccurate, additional charges will be incurred.

For some additional cost we can schedule a truck with a lift gate. When you work with W.I.S. Logistics, we make sure that any special handling requirements or unique needs are addressed before the truck arrives.

Your freight always has some insurance built in depending on the freight class. If you’re shipping something with a value beyond what is covered by basic insurance, additional insurance can be purchased to fully protect the value of your freight.

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