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LTL, Less than truckload

Large – and small – companies benefit from our negotiating power. You can take advantage of our complete range of services, including classification, rate negotiations, reporting, packaging solutions, loss and damage mitigation, and claims advocacy. Your shipment will be tracked and traced daily, ensuring you, and your customer, get the most current information possible. Learn more about our LTL division.

Truckloads and partials

Safety is our primary concern. We hire only highly qualified carriers with track records of safety and review them each time they’re hired. Our contract carriers for partials specialize in transportation of partials. Truckload or partial, you’ll get a competitive rate and the best possible shipping experience.

Intermodal Transportation

Sometimes, the road to savings isn’t a road at all. Virtually all importers and international freight forwarders who handle truckload-quantity shipments use the railroads to move their containers to and from inland destinations. For your truckload shipments traveling long distances, taking advantage of the railroads is a way to save hundreds of dollars over standard over-the-road transportation.

There also are times when intermodal companies are repositioning containers. This creates opportunities for even greater savings. The money you can save will impress you.

Reverse Logistics

Did you know that in the manufacturing industry  9 – 14.6% of sales are returns?  and that 60% of manufacturers don’t track what was returned?   Lack of visibility, can make it difficult to positively impact the negative cost of returns management. WIS’s Reverse Logistics will take the headache out of returns.  Stop throwing money and time out the window and experience a better way of handling returns.  (Learn More)

Expedited and guaranteed

There are times when your shipment just can’t wait for typical delivery time frames. We have the resources and expertise to expedite your cargo in the most economical way possible and simplify the decision. If your shipment is on a strict deadline, we hire a highly qualified carrier to perform time and/or date-specific deliveries – and we take accountability.

Specialized equipment

Our logistics specialists have years of experience working with shipments that require specialized equipment. Some may be “oversized” or legally outside the DOT regulations for transport. These over-dimensional loads (OD) require special equipment, possibly special routing, and special skills to safely secure, permit and monitor that equipment. Our experts are thoroughly versed in the regulations and prepared to meet your expectations.

Exhibit freight

Exhibit freight is different, and we’ve designed a special service for it. Your most delicate displays and fixtures will be handled with white glove treatment. Leave it to us to create all your documentation, including bills of lading and labels to and from the show. Shipments arrive on time and in pristine condition. We handle the details so you can concentrate on selling.

Enterprise solutions

An enterprise solution relies on all our services to create a comprehensive supply chain management approach for you. We can create tremendous time and cost efficiencies, and help you gain a competitive advantage.  Learn more.

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“There have been a few times we challenged you with short notice that we needed a shipment to quickly get picked up and shipped out and you proved your dedication to our customer needs.
I have appreciated the reliability, exceptional customer service and dedication you and your company have provided, and I look forward to continuing using. I would gladly recommend W.I.S. Logistics to others.”
– Ken Mills, Plant Manager –
Business Marketers Group, Inc.

“The service and professionalism displayed by all of the W.I.S. staff is exemplary. Those that we deal with daily are truly professional with a customer-centric attitude . . . critical members of our logistics team that are many times pivotal in meeting the needs of our demanding customers.”
– Douglas Arents, Rite Hite Corporation