Our Services protect your shipment
and your reputation.

Large – and small – companies benefit from our negotiating power.

Our team of logistic specialists work with each customer to create a customized supply chain management approach.   We create time and cost efficiencies, to create a competitive advantage and piece of mind.

Take advantage of our complete range of services: classification, rate negotiations, reporting, packaging solutions, loss and damage mitigation, and claims advocacy.  Your shipment will be tracked and traced daily, ensuring you, and your customer, get the most current information possible.

Safety is our primary concern, in fact our standards are higher than the Department of Transportation!  We hire only highly qualified carriers with excellent safety track records.  Our due diligence ensures the logistic process runs as smoothly as possible.

Check our LTL and Truckload FAQs for answers to the most common questions we hear.  If your question isn’t answered  – give us a call or shoot us an email!

LTL, is a small acronym that does a lot!   Less Than TruckLoad, LTL freight is one of the fastest growing service needs in freight logistics. Don’t let your shipments fall off the radar in a fast moving world. For your smaller shipments use our LTL freight division, led by Stacy Kageff and her team of logistic specialists.   


•Why would I choose you for my LTL when I can just go direct with the carriers?  Here’s the difference, we have years of experience negotiating with hundreds of different products. We negotiate rates specifically with your product and parameters in mind, getting you the best pricing in the industry. On average, when we are able to negotiate on behalf of our clients, we save our clients 20% off their current rates.

•Why would I choose you, when there are thousands of other 3PL’s out there?    It’s true! Customers are bombarded with brochures and phone calls from 3PL’s daily. We are a family–owned 3PL that treats your freight like our own. From the time we get the request until delivery, we are manually tracking the shipment daily. If there is ever an issue from weather delays to claims, we are advocating for you with the carrier to get the best resolution possible. Our people have a passion for freight, and go above and beyond to make your life easier.

Do you have a niche? While we do a lot of things well, the niche that our customers appreciate the most is the handling of their inbound freight. We excel at both types of inbound: raw materials and returns. With raw materials we work closely with your vendors to get the right product to your door in the right time frame. With returns, we work closely with your customers to provide a hassle-free return. In both circumstances, we provide visibility and analytics to help you with inventory control.

•What is “class?” Common carriers haul a variety of different products on their trucks. They needed a way to charge for the space utilized on the truck. You cannot just charge on weight because foam takes up a lot of space but weighs very little and bolts are very heavy but quite compact.  So, the carriers got together and created a class system that helps them price all the products they ship. Class is based on four characteristics, stow-ability, liability, handling, and density. Thus, based on these four criteria everything is given a class and the carriers base liability and price on that class.

•What services do we provide? We take care of the daily tracking, reporting, claims and ease communication between customers and vendors and providing the legal shipping documents for either party.

•What is “limited liability”? Generally based on class, the carriers limit their liability when freight they handle is damaged or lost. For example, if a product is class 50 certain carriers will limit their liability to $1/lb. So, if you have a 200 pound item, you are covered for $200.
•Can I give you a rough estimate for weight and dimensions? Try to be as accurate as possible when giving weight and dimensions of your freight. If your freight gets re-weighed by the carrier and is found to be inaccurate you will acquire additional charges.

•What if I don’t have a loading dock?  For some additional cost we can schedule a truck with a lift gate.

•Can I insure my freight? Your freight always has some insurance depending on the freight class. if you are shipping something expensive additional issuance can be purchased to protect the value of your freight.

Partials, Truckload, Milk runs, Expedites, Flatbed,  Specialized loads and Reefer services.  Our Truckload division is led by Angie Blattner and her team of super specialists.   They love a challenge and can find a logistic solution to make your operations run more smoothly.   

Truckload FAQ's

•What’s the difference between LTL and partial shipments?                    LTL carriers focus on the smaller shipments, usually up to 14 feet of truck space.  We have specialists who can help you figure out which option is best for you.

  • Delivery Schedule?  When will my shipment arrive? Talk to your truckload logistics specialist for a customized delivery.
  • How do you choose your carriers? Our carriers meet our high standards of safety and service, as well as being in good standing with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. We won’t give your freight to just anyone with a truck!

•What about exhibits? Same rules apply here. We have specialized carriers with the experience to handle the unique needs of exhibit freight. We will provide you with a qualified carrier, a bill of lading and labels for each piece of freight and will get your show freight to the trade show or convention on time.

  • What if I need to ship something that won’t fit in a semi truck? If your shipment will not fit in an enclosed trailer, we have specialized carriers to handle it. These carriers have specialized trucks for the largest of shipments and our team has the knowledge and tools to get it where it needs to go.

Did you know that in the manufacturing industry  9 – 14.6% of sales are returns? 60% of manufacturers don’t track what was returned?

Lack of visibility, can make it difficult to positively impact the negative cost of returns management. WIS’s Reverse Logistics will take the headache out of returns.

Stop throwing money and time out the window and experience a better way of handling returns. Learn more about how we handle Reverse Logistics. 

Sometimes, the road to savings isn’t a road at all.

Virtually all importers and international freight forwarders who handle truckload-quantity shipments use the railroads to move their containers to and from inland destinations. For your truckload shipments traveling long distances, taking advantage of the railroads is a way to save hundreds of dollars over standard over-the-road transportation.

There also are times when intermodal companies are repositioning containers. This creates opportunities for even greater savings. Our logistic specialists will determine the best path for your shipment —-The money you can save will impress you!

Our logistics specialists have years of experience working with shipments that require specialized equipment. Some may be “oversized” or legally outside the DOT regulations for transport. These over-dimensional loads (OD) require special equipment, possibly special routing, and special skills to safely secure, permit and monitor that equipment. Our experts are thoroughly versed in the regulations and prepared to meet your expectations.

There are times when your shipment just can’t wait for typical delivery time frames. We have the resources and expertise to expedite your cargo in the most economical way possible and simplify the decision. If your shipment is on a strict deadline, we hire a highly qualified carrier to perform time and/or date-specific deliveries – and we take accountability.

Exhibit freight is different, and we’ve designed a special service for it. Your most delicate displays and fixtures will be handled with white glove treatment. Leave it to us to create all your documentation, including bills of lading and labels to and from the show. Shipments arrive on time and in pristine condition. We handle the details so you can concentrate on selling.