Truckload Freight

Solutions created just for you, with qualified carriers.

A Full Range of Services

Our team of logistics specialists in our truckload freight division can find solutions to make your operations run more smoothly. Take advantage of our full range of services: rate negotiations, packaging solutions, reporting, claims advocacy, and loss and damage mitigation.

Your quote is based on facts and real-time carrier availability. Other 3PLs might give you a quote and then scramble to find a carrier. We find qualified carriers first. W.I.S. Logistics has built a reputation of outstanding customer service and customized logistics. We are happy to answer any questions and help you with a quote.

Negotiating Power

Large and small companies benefit from our negotiating power. We determine rates with our carriers specifically for your account based on risk, liability, and service. The carrier knows who you are, and understands your individual needs.

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Truckload freight may be best moved as part of a load. Using parameters such as your freight’s height and weight, plus your time schedule, our in-house experts will determine if you can receive cost savings via Partials.


If your freight needs to be temperature-controlled, we’ve got you covered. We have a network of Core Carriers who specialize in temperature-controlled trucks. They have the expertise to move your freight safely. Some of the industries this category includes are medical and hazardous materials, food and liquids.

Exhibit & Tradeshow

Tradeshow and Exhibit freight is a growing specialty service that requires time-sensitive planning to protect your company’s marketing investment. When your exhibit freight arrives for the show it quickly needs to be assembled to create your company’s marketing stage. Hours after a show has closed the materials need to be repackaged, stored and shipped back to its destination.

Using our logistics services will organize your inventory and make it easier to move your exhibit freight to its next destination and in-and-out of storage.

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Oversized & Specialized

We love challenges! W.I.S. Logistics has coordinated complex and specialized loads since we were founded in 1996. We have the resources to coordinate specialized equipment, routing and specialized skills to safely secure, permit and monitor your shipment.

When you work with us the whole team works together to ensure our customers get the best experience.

Case Study

An equipment manufacturer and distributor needs to fill a critical logistics gap.


Manitou North America




Truckload Freight

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“Something that I appreciate about W.I.S. Logistics is that they’re honest about what they can provide. They’re not afraid to let us know that they don’t have a truck. When they can provide a solution, they let us know.”


Manitou is global organization that operates in 140 countries around the world. Established in France in 1957, Manitou was formed when Marcel Braud designed the first rough terrain forklift truck. Fast forward to 2008, Manitou Group acquired what was known as Gehl Corporation and formed it into the base of their U.S. operations under the Manitou North America name.

Despite having a stable of carriers and logistics companies to choose from, Michael needed to find a reliable logistics company to drive loads to Manitou’s plants in South Dakota. A previous supplier was withdrawing, and the gap needed to be filled quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LTL focuses on smaller shipments, usually up to 14 feet of truck space. When an LTL shipment starts to exceed a certain volume, we evaluate a variety of parameters, such as: what type of product we are moving, the pickup and delivery requirements, value, and weight.

In an LTL environment, the freight could transfer through several terminals, whereas in a Partial shipment it may only move once, rarely twice, and sometimes not at all.

Our logistics specialists have the experience and knowledge to determine which option is the most cost-effective for you.

This depends on mileage and if it’s a full load or partial load. Shorter distances will have shorter delivery schedules.

Partial freight will typically take longer to deliver than full truckload freight because there may be multiple stops, and drivers are building their loads to those areas. If you are at the beginning of the build, you may have to wait longer. Partials can take anywhere from 2-10 days.

We won’t give your freight to just anyone with a truck!

Our carriers meet our high standards of safety and service and are also in good standing with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

We use a very thorough and deliberate process to screen all truck lines and their drivers. Our minimum requirements sometimes exceed those of our customers’ risk managers, and our screening and benchmark processes keep it that way!

90% of the carriers we use are in our Core Carrier program. Carriers in this category have worked with us for over a year and have low claims and service failures. They are companies that we feel extend our vision for how we believe business should be handled: same goals, same quality.

We work with specialized carriers that have experience to handle the unique needs of exhibit freight. We will provide you with a bill of lading for each piece of freight, and a qualified carrier will deliver your show freight to the convention or trade show on time.

If your shipment will not fit in an enclosed trailer, we have specialized carriers to handle it. These carriers have specific trucks for even the largest of shipments, and our team has the knowledge and tools to get your shipment where it needs to go. We love challenges and have over 20 years of experience handling all types of loads.

Let us know how we can help.