Partial truckload shipping is the lesser known, but more cost-effective option for freight that falls between LTL (less-than-truckload) and a full truckload. It’s also a great alternative for low density and fragile freight considering you only pay for the space and weight capacity that you use. So why ship partial truckload? There are three main reasons to change your shipping: pricing, freight class and handling.



Partial truckloads are typically between 5,000 pounds or six or more pallets. By not needing an entire trailer, shipping partial can save you money and even save the carrier from an empty backhaul.


Freight Class

You can avoid extra charges for freight re-classification or density fees because freight class is not required for partial truckload shipping. This means receiving a quicker quote because you won’t have to worry about extra charges and avoiding pesky fees.



When shipping partial, it is less likely for damage to occur when the shipment is on the road. Your shipment will likely be combined with one or two others, and there will be less handling at distribution terminals during transit. This makes partial truckload shipping great for freight that is susceptible to damage when loading and unloading.


At W.I.S. Logistics, part of our mission is providing a customized solution catered to your freight’s needs. You can trust that our experts can help identify where you can save money. We find the best option to get your freight where it needs to go. To find out if partial truckload shipping is right for you, contact one of our logistics experts today.