While routes, time management and efficiency are important factors for effective freight logistics, temperature control is something you might not have thought about that affects the supply-chain. The outside temperature is a variable that no one can control, especially during the peak fall season (August-October).

However, there are certain ways in which to mediate the changing weather to suit your freight. In the trucking world, this is called, “Cold Chain.” Cold Chain refers to controlled temperature transportation of pharmaceutical products, biologicals, and active ingredients and its research.

W.I.S. Logistics has a network of Core Carriers that specialize in temperature controlled refrigerated trucks that are well-armed to handle this type of freight. Temperature-controlled freight includes items from the food, liquid, medical and hazardous material industries. That’s why having a company like W.I.S. Logistics you can trust managing your freight is crucial.

When it comes to medical shipments, temperature fluctuations of just 2 degrees could ruin a shipment of pharmaceuticals. Products that don’t maintain the right temperature could be harmful or ineffective to those that need them. No medication can be shipped over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. And with the fall season beginning in August, it is vital to maintain the correct temperatures in trucks. Considering the narrow margin of error, by not controlling the temperature a company can be at a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, demand for out of season fruits like oranges and proteins like meat increase with holidays like Labor Day during the fall. Meat not carried correctly can be deemed unsafe for consumption, again costing companies a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We make sure to transport food safely on refrigerated freight so it stays fresh for its delivery.

W.I.S. Logistics keeps all factors in mind when it comes to making sure your goods are delivered. Being mindful of the temperature, communicating with the carrier on the safety of shipments, and staying up to date on weather reports will ensure your packages and driver arrive safely. Contact us today to learn more on how we safely handle temperature-controlled freight.