We live in a time where new technology is being developed and improved every day. As we evolve and adapt to this ever-changing environment, we must understand how new technologies can affect the supply chain.

From processing and tracking transactions, to planning and scheduling carriers, technology’s role in the supply chain is pervasive for a variety of reasons.

Consumer expectations are higher than ever
On-demand purchasing is available in nearly every person’s pocket using their mobile device. The expectations on carriers to transfer and deliver freight in the shortest amount of time is at an all-time high. This puts enormous pressure on many logistics partners. Meeting consumer demand requires expert communication and efficiency.

Inventory can be streamlined
With new developments in RFID, Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence), technology is offering new ways to ensure accountability and visibility when it comes to management. It can not only increase the speed of processing, but also the accuracy. This improves efficiency by decreasing the risks of human error.

Companies can provide greater efficiency and transparency
At W.I.S. Logistics, we use a cloud-based Transportation Management System that enhances workflow to control logistics information all in one place. Our specialists can find the best rates for shipments, provide real-time tracking to suppliers, and it can all be customized to track internal data and costs.

At W.I.S. Logistics, we’re proud to be adaptable and innovative. By utilizing technology, we’re able to offer superior customer service and reliable work environments for our logistics specialists and our carriers.

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