Leah Lozano has been an integral part of the W.I.S. Logistics’ team for almost three years. She has a unique role in serving our customers via our 4PL program. We recently sat down with Leah and learned more about what keeps her busy.

How long have you worked at W.I.S. Logistics? Tell us about your current role here.

I have been at W.I.S. Logistics for almost three years. October will be my “third anniversary” here. I’m part of the 4PL program which means that I’m on-site at our customer’s shipping department. I provide customer service, support, tracking information, carrier pricing and any changes that need to be made on a shipment and so much more.

You work in our 4PL: Enterprise Logistic Solutions service offering. Can you explain why that service is unique and what sets it apart?

Working face to face with our customers really gives a whole new outlook on how to be able to assist and provide them with customized support specific to their needs. I am able to see firsthand what works and any changes and/or recommendations that can be made with the services that we provide at W.I.S. Logistics.

Tell us about a recent accomplishment or experience that made you feel you were
meant for this kind of work.

I can’t think of a specific situation that has made me think I was meant for this, but I do know that I have certain skills that allow me to perform my job the best that I can. I also enjoy doing what I do every day, so I think if you are happy with what you are doing then it is right for you.

What’s the most interesting project or idea you are working on right now?

I feel like my whole role has been a project. Not only for W.I.S. as a whole, but for myself as an employee. I’ve needed to adapt to a new environment that is separate from W.I.S. Logistics and become comfortable with our customer’s rules, structure and culture. Working with a customer over the phone is so different from being face to face with them every single day. I also have the daily task of representing W.I.S. and providing the best service that I can. I have built great relationships with so many people that I don’t even work with often so it has been really cool to be part of this 4PL service. I’ve been able to meet a lot of new people that will remain friends forever.

Why do you like working at W.I.S. Logistics?

Here at W.I.S., you are more than just an employee, a badge number or someone taking up an extra parking spot – you are FAMILY. We are treated like family and these days that is rare to find. W.I.S. Logistics puts their employees first. They gave me an opportunity during a time when I had nothing and because of that I have been able to live life to the fullest again.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love being outdoors with my family and also enjoy crafting. Self-care is a priority when I have spare time. This ranges from applying makeup to trying new products in my skincare routine that keep my skin looking healthy!

Do you have any secret talents?

Not sure if being a fashionista is a secret talent, but I love fashion and putting pieces together.