Manitou is global organization that operates in 140 countries around the world. Several years ago, they acquired what was known as Gehl Corporation and formed it into the base of their US operations under the Manitou North America name. Today, Manitou North America provides “handling, lifting and earthmoving” for construction, agriculture, rental and industrial customers throughout the United States and Canada.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Corbett, a Logistics Analyst at Manitou North America. A four-year veteran at the company, Michael deals with a variety of domestic North American shipments (Truckload, LTL, partials, and more), getting things from point A to point B and solving any issues that arise in the process. In our conversation, he shared how W.I.S. Logistics helps solve problems and provides him with confidence in his day-to-day work.

How long have you worked with W.I.S. Logistics? Why did you choose to work with them and what was the problem they solved for you?
I started working with W.I.S. Logistics around two years ago when I added them to my stable of carriers and logistic companies. I originally thought they were a hotshot carrier—a smaller, more expensive shipping solution from point A to point B—but my understanding shifted when they filled a supplier gap at a very opportune time. W.I.S. serves a niche in the market and are very good at moving loads out of Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to our plants in South Dakota.

What services does W.I.S. Logistics provide to Manitou?
W.I.S. serves Manitou through Truckload Freight and Contract Trucking. Like I referenced in my last response, they’re my go-to option when I need to hire a truck to pick up a load and drive to South Dakota.

What makes W.I.S. Logistics stand out from other logistics companies?
While I have high expectations for all my carriers, I appreciate W.I.S. Logistics’ cost-effectiveness and reliability, which sets them apart from other logistics companies. I can trust that they will get things done without making excuses.

 Why is having confidence in your logistics important to you?
In any given day, I get dozens of emails, and each one is a puzzle. We have two TMS systems that require quality management, and I don’t usually have the time or bandwidth to revisit things. The great thing is that working with W.I.S. allows me to do that. We originally started working with Jess, who was great—no nonsense. I appreciated how straight-up she was with me. After she moved on to a different position, we started working with Jason. Although I was nervous about working with someone new, Jason made it a seamless transition and provided the same high quality of service.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Something that I appreciate about W.I.S. Logistics is that they’re honest about what they can provide. We have a TMS system that allows our carriers and logistics companies to bid on projects, and while other companies bid for everything (even when they might not have a solution for us), W.I.S. is not afraid to let us know that they don’t have a truck. When they can provide a solution, they let us know.

We are truly thankful for customers like Manitou North America that trust us to provide quality logistics solutions. Our commitment, always, is to treat our customers’ freight like our own.

For more information about Manitou North America, you can visit their website.