W.I.S. Logistics is proud to be a family-owned third-party logistics company, providing services to manage multiple parts of our customers’ transportation and supply chains. One of these customized solutions is our 4PL program, in which we oversee customers’ logistics from beginning to end, and also mitigate issues. A 4PL: Enterprise Logistic Solution relies on all of our services to create a comprehensive supply chain management approach.

In the 4PL program, our team helps customers gain a competitive advantage with systems that run more efficient; close management of inbound and outbound costs; and provide data to those who need it, when they need it. Additionally, a 4PL specialist will handle complicated claims so that you can focus on your business. Our concierge-level of care means shipments are tracked from point of origin to destination with personalized service and strict attention to customers’ needs and/or requests.

But the benefits of our 4PL program extends to the area of human resources as well. Customers can realize time and cost efficiencies when W.I.S. Logistics relieves some of the notable pain points in recruiting employees and retaining talent. Our team is equipped to handle the company’s administrative shipping and logistic burdens. Shifting this task to W.I.S. Logistics means cost savings. W.I.S. Logistics fills the 4PL positions so our customers’ HR departments can focus on other important issues within their company and streamline HR processes.

W.I.S. Logistics will train and onboard the 4PL specialist to implement a seamless transition into the company. The 4PL specialist would be responsible for integrating the 4PL team and its array of services into the customer company.

Finally, 4PL team members bring often-needed outside perspectives and experiences, creating a more well-rounded workforce enhancing company culture. Your company has unlimited access to our experienced team members who can supply you solutions.

W.I.S. Logistics would be delighted to share our expertise on logistics matters with you. Please reach out today to learn more about how our 4PL: Enterprise Logistic Solutions can support your business!