LTL Freight: Case Study

A global noise control and air filtration solutions company seeks a customer-service oriented logistics partner.


Dürr Universal




LTL & Truckload Freight

Dürr Universal is a global organization that provides noise control and air filtration solutions for industrial processing. Serving a wide array of industries – power generation, oil and gas, rail transportation and backup power – Dürr engineers high quality solutions and pairs them with excellent customer service.

Founded in 1959, the Stoughton, Wisconsin-based company was formerly known as B&W Universal. In 2018, Dürr Group acquired B&W Universal as part of their efforts to become the “leading supplier of environmental technology systems and systems for acoustic solutions.”

Pamela Mattingly, a Customer Service Manager at Dürr Universal, has been with the company for over a decade. In her day-to-day work, she responds to emails from customers, manages orders and quotes, and checks on the status of freight.

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The Challenge

Promising to provide high quality, complete air management solutions to their customers, Dürr needed a way to safely transport its equipment. They wanted to have confidence in their logistics partner, knowing that products were being delivered in a timely fashion and in good condition.

Pamela noted that personal service was an important factor, too. As a business that meets specific needs and provides unparalleled support to customers, Dürr sought the same qualities in a logistics partner.

The challenge and Dürr’s needs were three-fold:

  • LTL and Truckload Freight
  • Getting products to customers in a safe, timely, and economical manner
  • A customer-service oriented logistics partner

The Solution

Dürr needed a thoughtful, timely, and cost-effective logistics partner. W.I.S. Logistics answered that need, providing LTL and Truckload Freight.

W.I.S. Logistics helps in the following ways:

  • Determines the best logistics approach and finds great carriers who are available and ready for the job
  • Negotiates rates with carriers based on risk, liability, and service
  • Provides daily tracking and reporting and legal shipping documents
  • Advocates for Dürr and helps with claims
  • Offers personalized service; assists with any needs that arise

The Result

Since Dürr partnered with W.I.S. Logistics starting in 2013, Pamela has found confidence in a logistics partner that delivers products quickly and safely. Not only that, W.I.S. Logistics is a great collaborator with the people at Dürr.

Pamela reflects, “Personal service was the big thing. W.I.S. Logistics is so easy to get in contact with and offers a solution to whatever the problem is.”

She concludes, “They are always willing to help us out. If we don’t have the information they need, they ask questions and go that extra mile.”

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