4PL: Case Study

As roofing supply business grows so does its supply chain needs.






4PL: Enterprise Logistic Solutions

Metal-Era is a trusted go-to expert in the commercial roofing industry. The largest and most accomplished edge metal systems manufacturer in North America, Metal-Era boasts the broadest portfolio of tested roofing and building envelope solutions on the market.

The team at Metal-Era prides themselves on being approachable and focused, with an emphasis on creating an effortless experience for customers while improving the processes and productivity of architects, consultants, contractors, and distributors.

A series of dynamic robots helps standardize products and improve efficiencies – equating to consistently higher-performing products that ship fast. Meanwhile, projects stay on schedule due to lean practices like smart ordering systems and the largest on-hand inventory in the industry.


The Challenge

Shipping became more complicated and burdensome. They struggled to keep up with the rigors of tracking freight, notifying customers when the freight was delayed, and claims when they occurred.

Mike Hensel, the Transportation Coordinator at Metal-Era, comments, “In the past, this function was handled internally by myself. Due to other priorities, it would many times fall to the wayside, and we were not always aware of a problem until the customer contacted us. W.I.S. Logistics utilizes a person whose sole duty is to track each shipment, therefore presenting a proactive approach, rather than reactive. Most customers appreciate being made aware of potential delivery issues before they occur.”

The challenge was three-fold:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Handling OS&D and delayed shipments
  • Filing claims

The Solution

Metal-Era’s entire supply chain strategy focuses on putting the customer first. W.I.S. Logistics helps support that strategy by aligning its resources with Metal-Era’s forward-thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of its customers.

W.I.S. Logistics performs the following four tasks:

  • Track every shipment every day
  • Work with customer service and freight coordinators on all shipments with delivery exceptions
  • File and resolve every claim
  • Execute reporting functions

The Result

Metal-Era is able to recoup more in claims than it costs to employ W.I.S. Logistics, leaving Metal-Era with higher profitability and higher customer retention.

Mike Hensel states, “They [W.I.S. Logistics] have recovered many more thousands of dollars – due to their knowledge of how the claims process works – that would have otherwise not been paid by the carrier. In our particular situation, the amount of money recovered by W.I.S. Logistics far exceeds what my costs would be to hire another person to perform these tasks.”

Mike adds, “I would recommend their services to anyone who would rather concentrate on their business and customer base, and leave these duties to experts that are results-driven.”

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