Yuepeng Xiong is our Sales Support Specialist at W.I.S. Logistics. He just reached his one-year anniversary with us so we felt like it was time to sit down with him and learn a little more.

Tell us about your current role here.
I joined W.I.S. Logistics in September 2021 and love the team and management! I started out in an administrative role, bouncing between the operations team and the sales department, but was recently promoted to Sales Support Specialist. In this role, I research potential customers and assist in building programs along with gathering data (e.g., KPI numbers, customer shipments, and revenue.) for the Sales team. I track new customer shipments and provide them with information on their loads. I also act as the liaison between W.I.S. Logistics and our marketing partner, providing them with information (e.g., photos and information on events, feedback on blogs, and any new marketing updates) for the website, social media, newsletters, etc.

Tell us about an experience that made you feel like you belonged at W.I.S. Logistics.
I’ve been trusted to make important decisions based upon my own knowledge and judgement. This has allowed me to feel like I have a safe place to grow and be more confident. W.I.S. Logistics doesn’t just believe in their services, they believe in their own people.

What’s the most interesting project or idea you are working on right now?
One of the things I am currently working on right now is finding ways to get our 4PL services in front of potential customers. While I have been calling potential customers, I wanted to go with my strengths of customer service and research. I’ve been diving into research and have already found some local sources for us to market and advertise our 4PL Services. I’ve also found events to attend where we can connect with potential customers and explain what we can do for them.

Why do you like working at W.I.S. Logistics?
I like working at W.I.S. Logistics because I am given the opportunity to not only grow into what the company needs or wants from me, but into what I like and enjoy. You don’t find a lot of places where the company is willing to invest in you to help you grow. They put trust in your decisions and give you the independence to act and execute.

Pssstt they sometimes provide lunches as well.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I don’t have much spare time because I work another job on the weekends. I believe that working hard when you’re young makes up for when you’re older. Hopefully to retire early! One of the mottos from a business group I follow on Facebook is, “What are you doing off on the weekends if you’re not a millionaire?”

With the spare time I do have, I like to go on walks with my fiancé at state parks and travel to different cuisines to find food that stimulates our palates.

Do you have any secret talents?
I’m not sure if you would consider this a secret talent, but I can cut men’s hair. I have been cutting hair ever since I was in high school, after experiencing multiple unfortunate haircuts. I started to cut family and friends’ hair and they were happy with the results – especially compared to their experience at barbershops.