Shippers are facing tensions on the United States/Canada border as substantial number of truckers fail to meet mandate requirements imposed by Canada and the United States. Fleets and supply chains will continue to face turmoil as they attempt to meet vaccination mandates by international governments – spending more time and money to get their freight where it needs to go. While this mandate does not affect all U.S. truck drivers, it does impact those traveling into neighboring countries.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has communicated concern about the impact these mandates have on the North American economies in reference to the hinderance it can have on the free flow of goods between trading partners.

CTA President, Stephen Laskowski, said: “. . . there are substantial reports of higher-than-normal turnover and others declaring their intention to leave the industry.” This is a topic of concern due to the labor shortage already being felt by the supply chain and logistics industries. Adding to the labor crunch for those who need freight to cross borders is that this may result in more truckers turning to jobs that stay within their country and/or state.

During this time, W.I.S. Logistics’ experience working with our cross-border shippers has proven beneficial. However, as the challenge continues to evolve, we will use our technology, transparency and service to work with and communicate with our customers.

If you are facing cross-border difficulties with your freight, contact us today to speak with one of our logistics experts to see how W.I.S. Logistics may be able to help you.