W.I.S. Logistics is committed to building long-term partnerships with reliable carriers – carriers who meet or exceed DOT requirements and are 99% on time with 0.5% or better claims ratio.

One such carrier is Low Ride Transport and Logistics, a flat bed and specialized transportation company based out of Sussex, Wisconsin. Low Ride Transport and Logistics offers a variety of logistics solutions, with local, statewide, and nationwide capabilities.

We had the pleasure of talking with Tony Savorias, the President and Owner. He shared what his company does, and what sets W.I.S. Logistics apart as a freight broker.

Tell us a little more about yourself and what your company does.
I started Low Ride Transport and Logistics 13 years ago, after serving in the military in Iraq. I had some trucking experience prior to joining the military but became a better manager due to my experience of taking care of 10 men in Iraq. When I returned home, I transitioned back into trucking.

We do the stuff nobody else wants to do – the more oversized and challenging the better. We’re capable of moving up to 180,000 pounds of freight, which is one of the ways we help W.I.S. Logistics be more successful. W.I.S. uses us the most for shipping machinery (including higher-cost machinery) and lathes out of Wisconsin.

Nobody wants to use tarps on a $1.2 million machine so with our double drop Conestoga (only 3 in all of Wisconsin) we can help with that.

What does an average day look like for you?
I work with W.I.S. Logistics to put bids out, and make sure that we show up on time. I take care of most of the paperwork so that our drivers can keep moving along efficiently. Occasionally, I drive a truck myself if it is needed.

 Why did you choose to work with W.I.S.?
We started working with W.I.S. Logistics about five or six years ago because of their brokers. They are good, and we established the relationship and trust over time. They’re great people and great communicators that are looking to improve and grow like we are.

What makes W.I.S. Logistics stand out to you? What do you like about working with them?
They stand out due to their willingness to expand the breadth of work. They take you on as the carrier, and the salespeople and brokers all work together in a complete circle. W.I.S. Logistics is not just searching for someone to just show up, they already have a plan in place that they are searching for the right fit.

Any other comments or anything that you’d like to add?
The beautiful thing about W.I.S. Logistics is that they are partnership-minded – a team-oriented and driven relationship that everyone looks for in life. And I think they can definitely utilize that to keep on growing. You don’t find that type of attitude as much anymore.

We are truly grateful for Core Carriers like Low Ride Transport and Logistics that provide long-term and dependable collaborations. If you are interested in becoming a W.I.S. Logistics Core Carrier, please apply today!