A growth market for LTL is expected into the decade. So, how can shippers avoid issues?


These days, truckload volume is at capacity, and it is why LTL shipping freight is on the rise.

A disruption throughout the supply chain because of the pandemic, a large influx of new customers and fewer logistics experts available at some companies are among the issues driving the demand.

While this is positive news for the LTL industry, it may not be ideal for you as a sender. In recent months, you may have noticed a shift in the following areas:

  • Missed pick-ups
  • Guaranteed shipments not arriving on time
  • Some LTL services not being offered to some or all of the standard coverage area
  • Fully-packed trailers run the risk of more damaged freight
  • Increasing fees for every nuisance
  • Greater needs forcing higher prices
  • Driver mistreatment leading to punishments for shippers
  • Carriers not answering the phone or having minimal information on your shipment

Despite these changes, there are ways to lessen the chances of running into roadblocks within a transforming industry.  Here are six tips to help your LTL shipment go smoothly:

  • When you call in a carrier, is your freight ready for loading? – If not, be prepared. Everyone will benefit.
  • Consider additional packaging to prevent damage – Take the time to pack with extra cardboard or straps. It could make a difference.
  • Diversify with regional carriers and 3PLs. These options will bring additional capacity. You won’t be dependent on a single source when times get tough. And with the current supply and demand trend, there will be issues.
  • Use carriers and 3PLs that demonstrate service as a priority. Ask yourself these questions: Is your carrier hiring to handle the demand or trying to make do? Does your carrier follow a process every time without cutting corners?
  • Partnership is always important – If your driver is running late, be sure to treat him or her like a member of the team, not “just a vendor.”
  • Get to know your dispatchers – Whether at the carriers or your 3PL, people do business with each other. A truck arrives on 18-wheels, but dispatchers are the ones who get it there.

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