MILWAUKEE, September 1, 2016 – W.I.S. Logistics, a family-owned third party logistics (3PL) company, is celebrating 20 years in business.
3PL companies handle freight logistics on behalf of a client, managing everything from pickup to delivery.  W.I.S. Logistics has built a strong reputation in the industry for being detail-oriented and on-call.
We grew steadily over our first 10 years. The company emerged from the recession hungry for growth, and has increased its revenue 10 – 20 % year-over-year since 2010. The 15-employee company currently processes nearly 5,000 orders each month.
“We don’t own any trucks,” Teraoka said. “We provide expert logistics to move your freight  -no matter the size or scale of the job.  W.I.S.  developed a Core Carrier program that assesses freight carriers based on safety, insurance and reliability.  Our logistic specialists use that resource pool to find the best drivers.
Rule number One: Care for your employees
While Teraoka, WIS Logistics CEO, is a strong business leader one of his core company values is looking out for his employees.  First you need to take care of your people. “We look to hire the right type of people to meet our company culture,” Teraoka said. “We can teach logistics, our attention to customer service, good communications .”
“If a staff member is having a hard time personally it will affect the quality of their work.  It’s important to take care of the people in the company  – without them we are nothing.”      “If our staff is taken care of then it has a ripple effect into everything they put their attention toward.”
This work culture is evident in the environment of the workplace. In 2016,  WIS Logistics remodeled their offices to make a ‘healthier’ environment for the staff.   An expanded kitchen and break room plus work areas that allow for either sitting or standing while at their desk.  There is a quiet room that can be used for a mini nap, a massage
If a person or department runs into a question they can’t answer our group can turn to each other and problem solve using their greater collective knowledge.   Our ability to work well on our own and as a group guarantees better results – this sets  us apart from other 3PLS.
“quote”   We spend alot of time with our computers and dealing with all levels of communication between client, carrier.  There are conditions on the road that make some jobs tougher than others.  We make sure the shipment gets there.
Early Beginning    
Teraoka began his career in 1979, and spent 17 years with large corporate freight companies in  Dallas, Tx  and Ft. Wayne, Ind.  “When I left the corporate world, I wanted something different,” Teraoka said.   “I decided to build a customer – focused business with an emphasis on customized domestic freight forwarding.
“I didn’t bring a single client over. I needed a fresh start.”   It didn’t take long for customers to start – and stay – with WIS.  Its major Wisconsin clients have included Rite-Hite, Wacker Neuson and Kerry Ingredients & Flavours.
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WIS has a strong reputation in the industry for being detail-oriented and on-call 24/7.   “Our customers experience integrity, honesty/accountability and customer service,” Teraoka said. “Those three core values work for us every day, even against much bigger competitors.”
Unlocking the Potential of Data
WIS will also analyze a new client’s shipping data to uncover room for improvement in the flow of materials.
“There’s a lot of wasted money going out through a company’s back door,” Teraoka said. “We want to make sure a small business is using the right services.”   Striking the right balance between technology and people has been key for WIS, Teraoka said.
“We live in the ‘Age of Data’, but so many small businesses don’t have the means to actually process data to derive all of the information we need,” he said. “WIS has the best people behind the scenes using the best technology, that’s what delivers the best customer experience.”
Finding a Niche in Return Logistics
For many clients, especially in the manufacturing sector, the actual cost of shipping is not the only cost incurred. End users are looking to work with vendors that have an easy return policy.
“It’s no longer a sunk cost to accept returns,” explained Stacy Kageff, Director of LTL Services at WIS. ‘Reverse logistics’ is the process that takes place whenever product is returned to a manufacturer.
“It’s a challenge for two reasons,” said Kageff. “First, the customer who has the product may not have the materials to pack a return, or the knowledge to fill out the paperwork. It’s also impossible to predict what product will be returned or when.
WIS helps the end recipient with packing and paperwork, and provides the manufacturer with tracking visibility so they can return a product to inventory or schedule repairs.   When returns are handled well you’re actually winning customers over.”
“The [manufacturers] want to concentrate on what they do best and leave the logistics to us,” Kageff said.
Giving Back & Looking Ahead
“Our success is a result of the people and companies who believed in us.   We believe that if our company succeeds than the disadvantaged should benefit.
The company  has been committed to providing direct donations and volunteer commitments to more than 20 local and national non-profits each year, Not to mention 5 years of successful turkey drive for the  Waukesha Food Pantry.  In 2018 WIS Logistics coordinated the fundraising and delivery of over 700 frozen turkeys to families in need.
The future looks bright.  
The company continues to grow and change with the times.   Maintaining his core values and looking out for the well being of others at his core Jon manages to find a great balance as CEO to staff to make the best freight company possible the opportunities to manage more
The future of WIS Logistics is about real people providing the best care and service to their customer.   We use the best technology and systems available to make sure our clients are getting the best service available.