Truckload Freight: Case Study

An equipment manufacturer and distributor needs to fill a critical logistics gap.






Truckload Freight

Manitou is a global organization that operates in 140 countries around the world. Established in France in 1957, Manitou was formed when Marcel Braud designed the first rough terrain forklift truck. Fast forward to 2008, Manitou Group acquired what was known as Gehl Corporation and formed it into the base of their U.S. operations under the Manitou North America name.

Today, Manitou provides “handling, lifting, and earthmoving” for customers in construction, agriculture, and rental industries. From vertical-masted forklifts to telescopic handlers, Manitou offers quality products that create optimum value for clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Michael Corbett, a Logistics Analyst at Manitou, deals with a variety of domestic North American shipments : Truckload, LTL, Partials, and more. His role includes getting things from point A to point B and solving any issues that arise in the process.

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The Challenge

Despite having a stable network of carriers and logistics companies to choose from, Michael needed to find a reliable logistics company to drive loads to Manitou’s plants in South Dakota. A previous supplier was withdrawing, and the gap needed to be filled quickly.

Manitou has a Transportation Management System (TMS) system that allows carriers and logistics companies to bid on projects, but many companies would bid on every project, even when they couldn’t offer a viable solution.

The challenge and Manitou’s needs were three-fold:

  • Truckload Freight and Contract Trucking
  • Filling a supplier gap
  • Cost-effective and reliable

The Solution

Manitou needed an honest and cost-effective logistics partner they could rely on. W.I.S. Logistics answered that need, providing Truckload Freight and Contract Trucking.

W.I.S. Logistics helps in the following ways:

  • Picking up loads and moving them to Manitou’s plants in South Dakota
  • Negotiating rates with carriers and supplying Manitou with competitive quotes based on facts and real-time carrier availability
  • Offering additional services: packaging solutions, reporting, claims advocacy, and loss and damage mitigation
  • Providing high quality and responsive customer service

The Result

After partnering with W.I.S. Logistics a few years ago, Manitou has found confidence in a logistics partner that provides dependable Truckload Freight and Contract Trucking solutions.

Michael comments, “I originally thought they [W.I.S. Logistics] were a hotshot carrier—a smaller, more expensive shipping solution from point A to point B. But my understanding shifted when they filled a supplier gap at a very opportune time. W.I.S. serves a niche in the market and is very good at moving loads out of southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois to our plants in South Dakota.”

He also explains that W.I.S. Logistics frees up his time, allowing him to excel at his job: “We have two TMS systems that require quality management, and I don’t usually have the time or bandwidth to revisit things. The great thing is that working with W.I.S. allows me to do that.”

Michael concludes, “Something that I appreciate about W.I.S. Logistics is that they’re honest about what they can provide. They’re not afraid to let us know that they don’t have a truck. When they can provide a solution, they let us know.”

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