Janessa Lundin is an LTL Specialist at W.I.S. Logistics. She takes care of customers and works with our carriers to move freight from shipper to consignee in the most efficient and stress-free method. We recently sat down with her and asked her a few questions.

What do you do in your role as an LTL Specialist at W.I.S. Logistics?
Logistics has been part of my whole life, and I’ve been involved in many different roles at W.I.S. Logistics over the years. I support my customers by helping them move their product. I do this this through quoting, looking up locations to make sure we provided the right equipment at delivery, educating them on their options for moving freight, providing BOLs, using the right carrier or class for their freight, and then following through to delivery. I also make sure to keep a good connection with our carriers since they are vital to a successful shipment. We strive for delivery with no damage!

I also help with LTL invoices (and billing when needed). It’s great to fulfill a need that helps the team. This also allows me to keep up with carrier trends, ensuring we stay ahead and keep our customers informed.

Tell us about an experience that made you feel like you belonged at W.I.S. Logistics.
I love it when a customer or carrier uses the olive branch I extend out to them. It’s a good feeling because I know that they know I am always here to help! This is always a goal of mine. The moment I get an email complimenting W.I.S. on our work, I feel like I have done my job.

Another time was during COVID-19 and the challenging supply chain situation, when we were able to gain the trust of a customer and grow with them. It made me feel like I was here for a reason!

What’s the most interesting project or idea you are working on right now?
Right now, I am training a few customers on how to use our customer portal, which provides access to many services we provide. I am excited for more customers to get involved! I think it’s important to have the information they want at their fingertips! My other ongoing project is learning new roles and cross-training at W.I.S. Logistics, so at any time I can step in if needed and maintain consistency for the customers.

Why do you like working at W.I.S. Logistics?
I have two important purposes each day at W.I.S. Logistics. The first is making sure I am helping the company and our team. The second is helping my customers and keeping them happy. I enjoy making the right choices for my customers, and feel I am trusted to do that. I am also thankful that my position allows me to bond with customers and connect with new ones. Ultimately, I enjoy helping others, and this position allows me to help both the company and our customers.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love spending time with my husband and dogs – especially in the summer when we go camping and can be by the water. I love a good book or puzzle and enjoy decorating and designing. I also enjoy having flowers and birds in my yard and inside plants too. I love my family and friends and enjoy seeing my niece and nephews grow up. I am a positive quote enthusiast so you will always find me putting those up or looking at them. I’m always looking back on past travel adventures while simultaneously finding new places to go.

Another fun fact about me is I am a Bobby Bones B Teamer.

Do you have any secret talents?
The first is that I enjoy drawing using pastels. The second is that I’m super organized. I excel at setting up travel agendas – having every part done almost to the penny before we go! I love lists, and the old-fashioned calendar in my purse is my life saver!

Anything else you would like to share?
I love my team and the camaraderie we have at W.I.S. Logistics, and I hope our customers experience this as well. It serves as a good standout service we offer that reinforces why our customers continue to reach out to us. I’m grateful to our customers who trust us to move their freight, and I’d love to talk to new ones too! I really enjoy what I do and look forward to helping more businesses ship their freight.