Proto-1 Manufacturing is a small, family-owned business located in central Wisconsin. The company creates tube finishing equipment, designing and building tools and machines for tube and pipe end forming. The business manufactures solutions for a diverse customer base, servicing almost any industry that uses tube or pipe.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Mattice, Shipping & Receiving Coordinator at Proto-1. In this role, Mike coordinates the outgoing shipments of products built by Proto-1 and oversees the deliveries of incoming components used to build these products. In our conversation, he noted the superb customer service offered by W.I.S. Logistics and highlighted their reliability and helpfulness.

How long have you worked with W.I.S. Logistics?
Proto-1’s partnership with W.I.S. Logistics began almost eight years ago, in February 2016.

 Why did you choose to work with W.I.S. Logistics and/or what was the problem they solved for you?
I actually did not inquire with W.I.S. Logistics; rather, Jon and Stacey stopped by one day looking for new business. I was not even looking for anything new—but what they offered sounded a lot easier for me: no need to call multiple carriers to obtain quotes and pick-up dates.

What services does W.I.S. Logistics provide to you (Truckload, LTL, Specialized, Intermodal, Reverse Logistics, or 4PL)?
Though most of our outgoing shipments are arranged by our customers, occasionally I do need LTL or dedicated shipping. W.I.S. Logistics is also our go-to for the shipping of incoming freight, unless a vendor includes freight in the order.

What makes W.I.S. Logistics stand out from other logistics companies?
For me, what makes W.I.S. Logistics stand out is their outstanding customer service. They consistently provide continual communication, rapid replies, and reliability on shipments.

Why is having confidence in your logistics important to you?
It is important to have confidence in my logistics provider because I need to be able to count on them to take care of moving my freight. My company relies on me, and thus I need to have a logistics provider on whom I can rely as well.

Any other comments or anything that you’d like to add?
Both Janessa and Corrie at W.I.S. Logistics have been awesome to work with!

We are truly thankful for customers like Proto-1 Manufacturing that trust us to provide quality logistics solutions. Our commitment, always, is to treat our customers’ freight like our own.