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The more advanced our technology, the easier it is for you to do business with us. That’s why the best technology tools you can find are right here on our secured website.

Our transportation management system, T.M.S. is the heart of our capabilities. We regularly assess and invest in software and hardware upgrades to make sure you have access to industry-leading tools.

Custom Trax TMS technology

Our dynamic, day-to-day Custom Trax TMS does it all. As the name implies, you can completely customize your experience to meet your specific needs. Custom Trax provides an online rating tool for your LTL shipments, using either your own specialized tariffs or ours. You can access the following shipment management tools:

  • Save your quotes in the system
  • Activate quotes into shipments
  • Print documents for your shipments, including bills of lading and labels
  • Enter orders for future shipments
  • Monitor all your order and shipment activity, inbound and outbound
  • Allow for e-mail notification when your shipment leaves the shipper or arrives at the consignee

Xpress Trax TMS technology

This TMS is ideal for companies shipping primarily volume shipments. Xpress Trax uses an advanced set of tools to track and manage your shipments and shipment history. It gives you access to online freight bills, shipment tracking and tracing, shipment status notifications, shipment history (up to 120 days), and viewing and printing of proofs of delivery. Later in 2016, a new quote tool will be added for you to receive customized quotes almost instantly.

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