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About Us: Meet the 2017 WIS Logistics Team

WIS employees 2017

The 2017 WIS Logistics team: (center holding the sign) Founder Jon Teraoka and Janelle Teraoka, President of WIS Logistics.  From left: Leo Finley, Vice President: Jess Buchmann, LTL Specialist; Donna Schneider, Logistics Specialist (17 years with the company!); Kim Bero, Truckload Logistics; Angie Blattner (in purple), General Manager;  (center) Jonetta Freeman, Logistics Specialist, Eric Steinbach, LTL Specialist, Stephanie Guequierre, Accounting; Jamie Jesse, Logistics Specialist;  Danielle Teraoka, Accountin;; Chis Premetz, Logistics Specialist. and Stacy Kageff, Director of LTL(not pictured).

Our Management Team

Jon Teraoka, CEO W.I.S. Logistics

Jon Teraoka, Founder /Visionary 

“Our customers experience: integrity, accountability and customer service. These core values work for us every day, even against much bigger competitors. Our group can turn to each other and problem solve using their greater collective knowledge. Our ability to work well on our own and as a group guarantees better results – this sets us apart from other 3PLS.”

Janelle Teraoka

Janelle Teraoka, President/CFO

Janelle is the backbone behind the scenes. She is a firm believer that the company is a family of people.  Her dedication to helping people and her attention to detail  is evident through the company’s annual community giving programs.  Every month the company donates to local charities and special fundraisers.

Leo Finley, Vice President/ Integrator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           What we’re capable of: We handle freight of all kinds. From all parts of the US and the world.   We bring solutions to logistics day to day.  After 28 years in the automobile sales business I decided to take my skills and start a career in the logistics world. W.I.S. Logistics specializes in great customer service through the handling of all aspects of the freight shipping industry.

Our clients include the following industries:  Manufacturing, Medical, Food Products (non refrigerated), Hospitality, Oversized/ Specialty loads and Marketing Material/Exhibit Freight to name a few. 

If  your freight isn’t being handled with the care it requires,  I recommend that you learn about our logistics services.   Get a quote for your next shipment with W.I.S. Logistics. We can create tremendous time and cost efficiencies, and help you gain a competitive advantage. That’s why we’re here. ”  Contact Leo:  lfinley@wislogistics.com


Angie Blattner, General Manager

“Overall, I’ve spent 20 years working in the transportation industry.   I spent 10 years taking in everything and learning from the bottom up from an LTL freight broker. I worked as a billing clerk, office manager, dispatcher, OS&D handler and finally managed the customer department for 5 terminals which also included overseeing claims.  I moved over to WIS Logistics where I started as a Truckload broker and moved my way to Truckload manager and to my current position, Director of Truckload Services.   
A fun or interesting fact:    I was second place in my second grade spelling bee. I lost when I mis-spelled  the word ‘cheese!’  I missed one of the ‘e’s!  Ironically, I hate cold cheese!”   Email Angie ablattner@wislogistics.com

Stacy Kageff, LTL Manager

Stacy Kageff  Director of LTL, Less than Truckload Freight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Stacy has been with us for a little over 13 years! Her commitment to understanding the logistics industry and meticulous attention to customer detail has made her an amazing asset. A natural problem solver who loves to make systems run more efficiently. “My responsibilities include negotiating tariffs; creating customer-specific pricing structures; setting up processes for our LTL department; serving as a liaison with carriers, vendors, suppliers, and customers; generating outside sales; creating new revenue streams or opportunities; and hiring, coaching, conducting performance appraisals and more for our LTL business.”

I have been to Togo, West Africa, and served many that were poor; received a Masters degree from a theological seminary; and served the senior population. My experience has given me a perspective that demands quality and leaves money where it belongs. I save people money every day, but I won’t compromise relationships and a solid operation. I remain ethical no matter the cost.” Email Stacy


Awards & Recognitions


Milwaukee Business Times 

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce and its Council of Small Business.

Case Histories

Read about how we perform on a day-to-day basis through client case histories. If you want to hear about how we’ve performed in a situation you’ve experienced, please call us for an applicable case history at (877) 947-0908.

Damage Control in the Field

A customer was having tremendous difficulty with a new product line.
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The product does not stow well in a trailer, resulting in load shifts and damaged product. Attempts to repackage and create new load patterns did little to alleviate the problem. The customer’s response to a load shift was to bring the freight back to the manufacturing location, re-work it, and re-ship it, which would subject it to the same hazards of shifting all over again.

W.I.S. suggested using one of its carrier partners to repackage the product in the field. Our partner had numerous locations close by the customer, minimizing the potential for shifting. Damage is minimized, and the cost of returning and reshipping the product is eliminated.

Even with the cost of field service and shipping replacement packaging, the savings are significant. In the last 6 months of 2013 the customer realized an estimated $50,000+ in savings using this inventive solution from W.I.S.

Enhanced Reverse Logistics

A customer had regular returned goods shipped to them from their customers: warranted product, items that were traded for upgrades, overstock.
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The previous process of arranging returns was to issue a Return Goods Authorization, fax a bill of lading to their customer and instruct them to ship it collect. Because of poor visibility, many return shipments were lost or damaged.

This customer required several W.I.S. service products. Beginning with CustomTrax, their customized rating/routing system, the manufacturer enters the RGA information in the system, which makes it immediately available at the W.I.S. office.

W.I.S. then uses a personal, hands-on approach to contact each shipper and ensure that the product is ready and packaged for shipment, that someone is there to load a truck, and that any specialized needs for pickup (stretch wrap, liftgate, etc.) have been managed. The BOL and labels are then faxed or emailed to the return shipper. Then and only then is a truck called in to make the pickup.

Each shipment has tracking information available and visible to the customer the day after pickup. But W.I.S. provides additional support by tracking and tracing every shipment each day it is in transit. Reporting is available to the customer so they can monitor the status of each RGA.

The customer’s entire return logistics program is streamlined, shortening return cycle and warranty replacement times, preventing dock congestion and creating visibility for every RGA issued.

Cost Savings Through Innovation

A customer manufactures fragile, high-end store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays.
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Their method of shipping was to use moving companies exclusively, because moving vans have protective equipment and ramps for unloading. In addition to extremely high rates charged by moving companies, service is limited unless the customer pays a premium, and additional insurance must be purchased as well.

W.I.S. teamed with several of its carriers to purchase offloading ramps. These carriers then load the fixtures into full logistics trailers, strap them in carefully, and include a pallet jack with the ramps for destination.

The difference is astounding. The customer realized a significant drop in their transportation expense, had transit times cut by 50% or more, and their need to purchase additional insurance was eliminated because W.I.S. carriers cover the full value of the load.

In addition, W.I.S. daily tracing provides accurate transit information to the manufacturer’s customer service team, as well as their customers at destination. With ETAs no longer a matter of guesswork, installers can plan for the timely arrival of the equipment, enabling them to schedule their crews more efficiently.

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“It will be approximately three years now since our company has started using W.I.S. Logistics services, and wanted to give you my thanks. We are a unique company with one division that sometimes has special freight needs, and W.I.S. Logistics is always there to answer our needs. Also your staff goes beyond average making sure we have our needs met.”
– Ken Mills, Plant Manager –
Business Marketers Group, Inc.

“I had a really happy customer that needed their order today. (W.I.S.) got it done for me. Once again, ROCK STARS!”
– Audrey Blaeske, Jorgensen Conveyors

“They get any challenge I throw at them handled!”
– Corrie Cvikel, Wildeck Mezzanines